EUR/USD Forex Live Trading | Trade Taken In Our Forex Mentoring Program

In todays live EUR/USD forex trading video you will learn simple forex trading strategy you can apply on any financial market, when you see clear price action structure on high time-frames such as Daily and 4 Hourly charts. This is simple but powerful trading strategy because it is following the market basics and fundamentals of support and resistance. We mentioned this trading idea in our yesterdays “BecomingTraderFX weekly forex forecast” video. In this live EUR/USD forex trade we were looking for a possible bounce higher, after price reached long-term daily and 4 hourly price action channel support.

We took this live forex trade on our trading account we use with our students inside of our forex mentoring program. As explained in this live trading video we took this long trade on EUR/USD with 1% risk, 28 pips Stop Loss and 1 standard lot. Many of our “forex mentoring program” students take this trade, so congratulations on great start of 2021 trading year. Not every forex swing trade will be a winning trade (you will have losing trades too), but what matters is consistency with your trading process, and that you focus on Risk management rules and having the correct trading mindset for long-term forex trading success.

When you will learn this forex swing trading strategy, technique you will be able to find forex day trades consistently on week to week basis. In this live forex day trading video you will also learn very important tips on your day trading psychology and mindset for your long-term forex trading success.

In this live forex swing trade video we discussed the reason behind taking this EUR/USD forex day trade, trading strategy, top-down approach using the price action, support & resistance zones, timing and most importantly – trading psychology and risk management. Without those two you will not be able to succeed as a trader. Remember this!

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