Become Consistently Profitable Forex Trader

Inside of our BecomingTraderFX private forex mentoring you will discover our profitable trading approach & learn how to approach the markets on a daily basis! You will learn how trade forex with success!

Stop wasting your time. Get started today and take your trading to the next level. Within 3 months of live online forex mentoring program you will learn all shortcuts, skills and habits to become profitable forex trader.

Our online forex mentoring program was designed to solve your trading struggles and take your trading to the next level by becoming more successful, disciplined, consistent and patient trader.

We will personally mentor you (Skype screensharing training calls 1-2 hours/week), and together we’ll completely transform your life for the better in every trading metric. I TRULY believe that this is the best forex mentoring program. The truth is I can’t guarantee that you will get results because I can’t guarantee that you are going to take action with this information.


Are you new to trading and you want to become a great trader?

Are you looking to speed up your learning curve, develop the habits and skills to trade the markets successfully on the long-term?

Are you tired from trying all possible trading strategies and seeing little or no success?

Are you struggling to make a consistent money trading the markets?

Are you an experienced trader and you want to take your trading to the next level?

Are you looking to spend no more than 20 minutes/day trading and still be a successful trader?

Are you looking to become a consistently profitable trader?

Are you looking to trade for a living, or even manage the other people’s money?


Did YOU ask yourself how your life could be different, if you would be able to trade the markets consistently profitable?

Did YOU ask yourself how trading the markets successfully would help you to quit your soul sucking job, and become a full time professional trader for yourself or managing funds for clients?

Did YOU ask yourself how can you turn your passion for trading the markets into lifestyle and own business where you can be your own boss and organize your own time the way you want to?

What you will learn:

✔️Our profitable trend-following approach using the price action, support & resistance , candlesticks, timing

✔️How to think as a trader and trading mindset for your long-term success

✔️How to successfuly trade any market spending no more than 20 minutes/day

✔️How to identify the general market trend direction and market behaviour

✔️Complete set of simple and powerful trading rules to follow

✔️How to use the candlesticks and right timing to find good probaiblity trading opportunities

✔️How to manage your trading positions for best results

✔️Clear rules on risk and trade management

✔️How to write your custom tailored trading plan based on your goals to make sure you stay on the right-track to personal trading success

✔️How to consistently grow as a trader and reach your trading goals by tracking your trading progress

✔️How to build your trading career as a trader


one-time payment of 1997.00 EUR

SPECIAL -50% OFFER: JUST € 1000.00 EUR

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“To be honest I did not expect this. After todays first session we had, I am very impressed with the quality of training. It sounds funny, but I feel like I am brand new trader now.”
Christina, Netherlands

“Hey Zan, I want to give you a quick update for the last month. I took only 3 trades this month, but it was enough for 6% end of month performance. One setup was little aggressive, but hey as long as I manage the risk and follow my own trading rules and stick to it, it is fine!! I decided to take the next week off and go on little holiday trip with my close ones. Have a good time bro!”
Thomas B., Germany

“I think, if I would have joined your private 1-1 course right away when I started with trading I would already achieved all my major goals. Since we started working together I am finally learning how to trade markets with pure price action and right mindset. It is refreshing and can not wait to achieve my goals.”
Stefan, Austria

“I can’t believe how my trading changed. It is like fishing nowadays. Every day I know exactly what I am looking for. This week alone I made 420pips. Thanks a lot for clear explanations and guidance. I learned if i follow my trading rules I am successful on the long-term. Following my trading plan and having the right mindset is the only thing that matters to achieve all my trading goals.”
Ray, Singapore

“Before I joined your private program I tried every possible trading course and read every book on trading strategies and psychology possible. I was losing money and I did not have the mindset of successfull trader. After just few sessions with You, I drastically changed the way I appraoch the markets and trading business overall. I am whole new trader and person, and my results are already speaking for itself. Thank You again.”
Victor, Hungary

“Few weeks ago my friend Vic told me about your trading school. He had great results with your trading style and I wanted to learn more, since I am passionate about the markets too. After seeing a few of your videos and blog posts I did not want to waste no more time – I knew you are the real deal. As you know I joined your program not much time ago and I am already transforming into great trader. Thanks for your help on my journey so far. You do not know how much you helped me so far. Thanks a lot man.”
Lawrence, Norway

“BT mentoring is gold. Training is straight to the point and most importantly – if you apply it correctly with right mindset it brings great results on the long-term. Recommended for every struggling trader out there. If you apply what you learn in the sessions you will succeed.”
Tom, Sweden

“So glad your mentoring exists. Taking your course has changed everything around my trading and life.”
Damian, Greece

“Since I started with mentorship, I have grown massively as a person and trader. I simplified my trading and improved my performance a lot. I finally learned habits and skills that will last for a lifetime and help me achieve all my trading goals.”

Tim J., South Africa

“I followed Zans videos on Becomingtradefx youtube channel, and I decided to start with 1-1 program. I am so happy I made that decisions, because I totatlly changed my trading psychology which was the biggest problem and obctacle for me. Zan and team are amazing. Support and guidance is unbelieveble. Thanks for everything guys!”

Alonso, Spain

 “If you are skeptical about investing in this trading course, go over all the testimonials for BTFX training on this site. I went through every one and was very convinced that this course or mentoring was worth trying.

It was a great decision. I finally  became consistently profitable trader after weeks of pracitsing their BTFX trading strategy and trading with right mindset, thinking and money management rules. The  course is very thorough and Zan is incredibly responsive with any questions that you have. He is really ready to help you on your trading journey and career.


Bob, Austria

Definitely the best value I have had from any forex education. This course and strategy is based off some sound principles, fundamentals of price action and markets itself. Out of last 10 trades I took, 7 of them were winning ones with great Risk:Reward ratio. I really enjoyed the psychology part of trading and learned also a few tricks on how to stay consistent trader in the future.

Mia, Spain

“I am very grateful. Since I started with your mentorship program, I keep growing my trading account. This month alone I made +8%, which is very good. Thanks to great coaching!”
Greg, Austria

“I finally developed my successful trading mindset and most importantly – I am finally consistently profitable trader for last months. I would like to suggest everyone to learn from you as much as they can. Everything is transparent and there is really no BS behind. Thanks to you and my dedication I became full-time trader.”
Francesco, Italy

“Honestly, Zan is the only trading mentor you need if you want to become consistent and successful on any market.I can not recommend it enough.”

Adam, Finland

“I am happy to be part of the BT family. I would definitely recommend it to others, no matter your past experiences. My success rate and trading statistics has been amazing in last couple of months. I also traded the Oil crash in March 2020 which gave me huge returns with very small risk. Thank You for all your support during and after the training calls.”

Oliwer, Sweden

“I am very happy with BTFX course! As I am new to forex trading it took me few weeks to get used to this strategy and trading psychology but after some time I started trading on my own using main BTFX strategy. For traders who are planing to buy this course i would advise to stick with this forex strategy because it is quite simple and it works. Thats most important for me but I must be disicplined to execute it consistently. Invest your time and master this strategy to improve your results dramatically.”

Mitch, Germany

“I highly recommend Zan’s  course to anyone who want to make consistent profits trading forex or any other market. Before joining to BTFX forex mentoring academy I was trading for almost 4 years without any success. After I started watching Zan’s videos and joining his course I am finally ready to become a long-term profitable trader. I finally learned the skills needed to become a great trader and I learned how to have the mindset of profitable trader. Learn how to combine technical part with right mindset and you are very close to become a great trader. Thanks Zan for developing such a good trading course.

Vlad, Russia

“I highly recommend BecomingTraderFX courses to anyone that wants to be profitable in the Forex market. Your knowledge has saved me a lot of time and makes me money consistently. This month was really successful for me as I made almost 15% return with only small risk percentage per trade. I’m now about 3 months since purchasing the course and i am very pleased with the results so far. Simple strategy, and right mindset and risk management is all you need and I learned all that in your course. Thanks again for being such a good mentor.”

Gabriel, Dubai

Do you really want to continue to trade on your own and see no success?

Enroll now and get access to exclusive training!


Do I need to have any prior knowledge and trading experiences about forex, crypto, stocks trading in order to join BecomingTraderFX courses?

No, all our BecomingTradingFX training material is explained in simple steps every one can understand. Our training is suitable for new or advanced traders. All we ask from you is that you are passionate about trading and markets. We offer unlimited support and we will work with you until you achieve all your trading goals!

Are you trading courses suitable only to trade forex?

Of course not! Personally I focus mostly on forex trading (besides trading also crypto , metals, stocks), but you can implement our knowledge on any market, as we focus on mastering the pure price action. Once you will learn how to understand the charts and market behaviou you will be able to apply your knowledge on any kind of market.

How much money can I make trading your trading style?

This is one of the questions no one can answer, because your trading performance depends on your risk per trade, numbers of pairs traded, on what time-frames do you take and manage trades, depends on volatility, what is your trading style, etc… Two traders can’t have the same trading performance. Focus on one trading strategy that suits you best, focus on it and master it. Only you are responsible for your own results by following your trading rules of your own trading plan.

How much time do I need every day to trade?

This totally depends on your trading style. I and most of my trading students are swing traders focusing on Weekly, Daily, 4 Hourly charts which does not take more than 20-30 minutes per day.

Why do you teach other traders, if you are a successful trader?

I am a swing trader and I have plenty of time to do what I want with my time. Because I help traders for years, I love doing so and sharing my knowledge I gained over more than 10 years of being in the trading business. Helping others also helps me to stay focused as I am repeating the lessons I learned the hard way. I helped so many traders worldwide that I do not see the reason to stop, and seeing my students succeed is one of the best feelings.

Are your courses with just one time fee? Are training fees refundable?

Absolutely. Our training material is paid with a one-time fee, then you have lifetime access. We do not offer a refund once you gain access to our training material and sessions.

How long will it take for me to succeed?

Everything depends on you. If you are ready to invest time in yourself and you are dedicated to achieve your goals it should not take so long, especially if you have a mentor someone who will guide you and pass his/her trading experiences to you, so you can save your time, energy and money and focus only on what is important for you to become successful trader on the long-term.

Do you offer support also when the private mentoring is over?

Of course! You will have life-time support and access to me. I am here to help you as long as it takes for you.

Can I pay via PayPal (debit, credit card)?

Yes, you can pay the tuition fee with them. Please see below details for payment:

Paypal – Please pay € 1997,00 by sending the amount to “” PayPal address. As soon as we receive your payment we will send you the confirmation email.