Do I need to have any prior knoweldge and trading experiences about forex, crypto, stocks trading in order to join BecomingTraderFX courses?

No, all our BecomingTradingFX training material is explained in simple steps every one can understand. Our training is suitable for new or advanced traders. All we ask from you is that you are passionate about the trading and markets. We offer unlimited support and we will work with you until your achieve all your trading goals!

Are you trading courses suitable only to trade forex and futures?

Of course not! You can implement our knowledge on any market, as we focus on teaching you and mastering the pure price action. Once you will learn how to understand the charts and market behaviour you will be able to apply your knowledge on any kind of market.

How much money can I make trading your trading style?

This is one of the questions no one can answer to you, because your trading performance depends on your risk per trade, numbers of pairs traded, on what time-frames do you take and manage trades, depends on volatility, what is your trading style, etc… Two traders can not have the same trading performance. Focus on one trading strategy that suits you best, focus on it and master it. Only you are responsible for your own results by following your trading rules of your own trading plan.

How much time do I need every day to trade?

This totally depends on your trading style. You can be a swing trader focusing on the Weekly, Daily, 4 Hourly and 1 Hourly charts which does not take more than 20-30 minutes per day. If you combine our top-down approach with day trading entries you will need more time every day.

Why do you teach other traders, if you are successful traders?

As full-time trader I have plenty of time to do what I want with my time. Because I help traders for years, I love doing so and sharing my knowledge I gained over more than 10 years of being in trading business. Helping others also helps me to stay focused as I am repeating the lessons I learned the hard way. I helped so many traders worldwide that I do not see the reason to stop, and seeing my students succeeding is one of the best feelings.

Are your courses with just one time fee? Are trainings fee refundable?

Absolutely – our training material is paid with one-time fee, then you have lifetime access. We do not offer a refund once you gain access to our training material and sessions.

How long it will takes for me to succeed?

Everything depends on you. If you are ready to invest time in yourself and you are dedicated to achieve your goals it should not take so long, especially if you have a mentor, someone who will guide you and pass his/her trading experiences to you, so you can save your time, energy and money and focus only on what is important for you to become successful trader on the long-term.

Do you offer support also when the private mentoring is over?

Of course! You will have life-time support and access to us. We are here to help you as long as it takes for you to succeed.