Hey! I am Zan and I am the founder, full-time trader and forex mentor at BecomingTraderFX. I trade mainly the fx market, and I am from Slovenia, Europe. Being passionate about the markets and economy I was also awarded by the European Central Bank and Bank of Slovenia in 2012 (pictures below). My journey into financial world began after the market crash in 2008 as this time my passion for the markets was born.

Along the journey I was able to built my own trading persona and style, took what worked for me and simply ditched everything else. I believe every trader should focus on one trading edge, simple trading rules and become really good at it! Change in your trading can only happen once you start treating your trading as a business and apply simple steps each and every day with the discipline and patience. 

BecomingTraderFX provides you only with proven and repeatable process that will help you to become a better and more successful trader.  YOU just need to decide to make a change, and do it.

– Zan

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Welcome to BecomingTraderFX.com

Hey! I am Ali from Dubai, a full-time Forex and Futures Trader and Trading Mentor at BecomingTraderFXI started my trading career 8-years ago as a trader at the back office of World and Wealth limited Forex Company In Dubai where I used to handle positions of the clients.

Forex Trading is something I am really passionate about. Being at the back office of a brokerage firm I Mastered my trading skills. I experienced once you master the FX market, you are able to earn a living as a trader and be your own boss. For me Forex means freedom, you can do whatever you like, travel and trade from anywhere in the world.

I love to trade gold and I find Gold attractive and volatile than others. That being said, I trade all forex pairs and futures if I see an opportunity and it meets my trading plan from exotic pairs to minor pairs. Whether if you are trading with $3k or $3M, the strategies we implement are easily scaled up or down to any type of trader in any market.

– Ali Hassan

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Welcome to BecomingTraderFX.com