Forex Trading and Life Advice

This blog post “3 Steps to Achieve Any Goal” is not specified only on the forex trading, but it is an overall life advice how to achieve any goal. You can apply this »3 Steps Formula« anytime you want to achieve anything. Maybe you are struggling to achieve the goal, and you lost your focus on the way to achieveing it. In order to learn to trade forex (or any other financial market) you have to invest time and energy to become a successful trader.

If that is the case, my advice to you is…

Read. Learn. Apply.

Today world is full of tips, advice and informations about different subjects, and it is very easy for you to fall in the trap of information overload. It does not matter whether is forex trading, building your business, how to build a great body or how to get healthier. Learning to trade is an investment in yourself. If you want to learn to trade forex, stock, futures find yourself a forex mentor if you want to fastrack your trading progress and save time.

There are thousands of different articles, ideas, mentors, leaders with their own advices and tips. But sometimes to much information and knowing too much does not help you, and actually make a counter productive effect. Instead of helping you, it only distracts you and slows down your progress.

Over-thinking and over-analaysing is one of the biggest bad habits that slows down your progress.

I am telling this from my own experiences, because as any other successfull trader, I had to go from losing the money, to break-even and then go from there to consistently profitable trading. This is the progress you can not avoid. There are not magic steps and secrets in forex trading. You can not make the progress of going from consistently losing to consistently winning in one day.

It will take time and work. Learn to trade forex by focusing on yourself and our trading. If you have a passion for your trading, learn to trade forex and try to become the best trader possible.

As everywhere else in the life.

Inside Fuel and Determination to Achieve Goals

Motivational quotes and successful stories from others can inspire you and add some fuel to yourself and your journey, but that is nothing.

It is all about taking action in the direction of your goal. You can call it self-discipline. Your journey may be different than planned, with ups and downs, but if you will stay consistent you will eventually reach your goal. It is only the matter of time.

If you will want something, you will go after it.

If you will not want something you will not go after it.

Just look around and you will see most people just complain about the things, but they never take action to change them. This is something I will never get it – they can complain for years, but they never decide to change things.

If you want to become the best trader you can be, you will go after it. You will not complain and waste your time. You will take necessary steps and set some process goals to get to there.

If you want to build a great body, you will go after it. You will make yourself a workout and diet plan. You will not just complain on the couch in front of your TV, while eating the junk food.

Got it!?

Thats the truth.

Go After It

If you want something you get after it. Thats what seperates successful from unsuccessfull people.

Simple as that!

Everyones journey is unique, you must trust your progress, and never give up (that should not be difficult if you are passionate about it!).

What matters is what you hold inside of yourself.

If you did not read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I highly recommend it. He stated the fact: »Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe it can achieve.«

Before you achieve any goal YOU must deeply inside BELIEVE YOU can ACHIEVE it.

If you do not believe you can achieve it, nothing else will help you. No book, no mentor, no motivational quotes, or motivational music… Everything else is just a noise.

I will give you 3 steps I always follow when I want to achieve something. I am sure those steps will save you a lot of time, struggle and money.

If you want to achieve any goals in your life you simply need to follow those 3 steps:

  • DECIDE what you want to achieve
  • Make a PLAN

That is all you need to know, if you want to achieve something.

My advice is to simplify, go back to the basics and cut out the BS.

Most of the time the old-school simple advice is the best advice. Invest some time in your trading plan, trading journal, and learn to trade forex with the right trading skills and habits.