“BT mentoring is gold. Training is straight to the point and most importantly – if you apply it correctly with right mindset it brings great results on the long-term. Recommended for every struggling trader out there. If you apply what you learn in the sessions you will succeed.”

Tom, Sweden

“So glad your mentoring exists. Taking your course has changed everything around my trading and life.”

Damian, Greece

“I am very grateful. Since I started with your mentorship program, I keep growing my trading account. This month alone I made +8%, which is very good. Thanks to great coaching!”

Greg, Austria

“I finally developed my successful trading mindset and most importantly – I am finally consistently profitable trader for last months. I would like to suggest everyone to learn from you as much as they can. Everything is transparent and there is really no BS behind. Thanks to you and my dedication I became full-time trader.”

Francesco, Italy

Stop wasting YOUR time. Get started today and take your trading to the next level.

Mentoring program was designed to solve your trading struggles and take your trading to the next level by becoming more disciplined, consistent and patient trader.

In our weekly Skype calls ( avg. 1-2 hours/week ) we will cover trading mindset, risk management, and trading strategy. Our trading strategy is based on price action, support and resistance zones and patterns as pinbars.

You will learn how to spend no more than 20-minutes per day in front of your charts to maximize your performance.

We will together look for trading opportunites and how to manage them correctly as per our trading rules and “Set & Forget” appraoch for the best long-term results. ​

We will design your custom tailored trading plan based on your goals and lifestyle to make sure you stay on the right-track to long-term trading success.

We will track your trading progress all time, and make sure you are disciplined, consistent and improving everyday.

I want you to succeed, so you have lifetime support during and after the training is over.

Price for private online 1-1 3 Month program is only € 1497.

To schedule mentoring sessions send me an email on


“To be honest I did not expect this. After todays first session we had, I am very impressed with the quality of training. It sounds funny, but I feel like I am brand new trader now.”

Christina, Netherlands

“Hey Zan, I want to give you a quick update for the last month. I took only 3 trades this month, but it was enough for 6% end of month performance. One setup was little aggressive, but hey as long as I manage the risk and follow my own trading rules and stick to it, it is fine!! I decided to take the next week off and go on little holiday trip with my close ones. Have a good time bro!”

Thomas B., Germany

“I think, if I would have joined your private 1-1 course right away when I started with trading I would already achieved all my major goals. Since we started working together I am finally learning how to trade markets with pure price action and right mindset. It is refreshing and can not wait to achieve my goals.”

Stefan, Austria

“I can’t believe how my trading changed. It is like fishing nowadays. Every day I know exactly what I am looking for. This week alone I made 420pips. Thanks a lot for clear explanations and guidance. I learned if i follow my trading rules I am successful on the long-term. Following my trading plan and having the right mindset is the only thing that matters to achieve all my trading goals.”

Ray, Singapore

“Before I joined your private program I tried every possible trading course and read every book on trading strategies and psychology possible. I was losing money and I did not have the mindset of successfull trader. After just few sessions with You, I drastically changed the way I appraoch the markets and trading business overall. I am whole new trader and person, and my results are already speaking for itself. Thank You again.”

Victor, Hungary

“Few weeks ago my friend Vic told me about your trading school. He had great results with your trading style and I wanted to learn more, since I am passionate about the markets too. After seeing a few of your videos and blog posts I did not want to waste no more time – I knew you are the real deal. As you know I joined your program not much time ago and I am already transforming into great trader. Thanks for your help on my journey so far. You do not know how much you helped me so far. Thanks a lot man.”

Lawrence, Norway